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New Investor for Immunservice GmbH

Immunservice completes a new financing round and gains the investor BPO Capital GmbH & Co. KG. In Immunservice GmbH’s new financing round the current investors,  Prof. Dr. Michael Otto and the Hubertus Wald Stiftung, reinvested in the biotech company. Joining them now is BPO Capital GmbH & Co. KG – a venture capital holding founded by Benjamin […]

Immunservice is GPH Magazine’s Cover Story in February 2017

We are very excited to appear as the cover story in the 01/2017 issue of GHP Magazine (Global Health Pharma). GHP Magazine specialises in three topics: the health of humans, animals and the environment. This is why Immunservice are even more be pleased to be featured in the magazine in an article presenting our work […]

EXIST Transfer of Research Adds Prof. Edith Huland to Jury

The German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy has appointed Prof. Edith Huland to the “Life Sciences” Expert Jury of the EXIST funding programme. Responsible for implementing the EXIST programme is the Research Centre Jülich (PTJ).EXIST Transfer of Research supports outstanding research-based start-up projects that involve expensive and high-risk development work. Open to all […]

VICTRESS Awards 2016 Nomination

VICTRESS Awards have been presented annually since 2005 to outstanding women who as impressive role models prove that success, leadership and femininity are compatible. We are very pleased that Prof. Edith Huland – CEO of Immunservice GmbH – is one of the three finalists nominated for the VICTRESS SCIENCE Award 2016. Imagine a substance occurring naturally in […]

Our New Homepage Is Online!

We are happy to be able to present to you our new homepage. Our Internet presence in a new design is now more clearly structured and offers interested consumers, customers and partners comprehensive information about our company and products. Featured is on our Online Shop, where you can easily order our products. We welcome praise […]

Immunservice Finalizes Work to Establish a Webshop

Immunservice has just finalized work to establish a Webshop offering specialty products primarily for use in functional diagnostics (cell proliferation, bioassay, interleukin-2 activity, etc.). An important benefit is that all products are developed even in a stress test and optimized in a labour-intensive process for special applications. Offered for cell culture of special cells are […]

Immunservice Successfully Develops Innovative Immunostimulant

Immunservice is currently very successfully developing an innovative immunostimulant for subsequent use in papillomavirus-induced tumours in humans and – through our partner company 4Animals Alsterscience – also in animals. Following a very positive interim analysis of immunological toxicology studies, today a nationwide study in Germany began in horses with so-called “sarcoids”, locally aggressive tumours that are triggered […]

Immunservice Has New Address

Our offices are now conveniently located close to our laboratories in the immediate vicinity of the University Hospital Eppendorf. We’re saying goodbye to Neue Wall and looking forward to the new rooms at Christoph-Probst-Weg 4, 20251 Hamburg.

The Future Holds New Possibilities for People Who Want to Lose Weight Effortlessly or Keep Resolutions to Stop Smoking.

Immunservice has developed an innovative immunotherapy for obesity and nicotine addiction and been granted a US patent for this discovery. The results of clinical studies by Immunservice scientists clearly indicate it is possible to make therapeutic use of the influence of immune hormones to make people want to eat light and healthy food and adopt […]

Dr. Michael Otto invests in innovative Immunotherapies to Cure and Prevent Cancer and Viral Infections

Immunservice GmbH has concluded a new round of financing (Series C) to secure development of the company’s biological immunotherapy methods for the long term. Joining the existing consortium of investors comprised of Helmut Piñata, the Hubertus-Wald-Sifting, the High-Tech-Gründerfonds (HTGF) and Hartwig Huland in the latest successful financing round was Dr. Michael Otto, entrepreneur and Chairman […]

Immunservice Welcomes Hubertus Wald Stiftung as New Investor

Hubertus Wald and his wife Renate are among the most generous and important patrons in Hamburg. For many years now the Hubertus Wald Stiftung, which they endowed, has promoted and financed important work in the areas of medical research, culture, and social projects primarily in Hamburg. Through its investment in Immunservice GmbH, the Hubertus Wald Stiftung […]