Ever since I became fascinated with the immune hormone interleukin-2 thirty years ago, it has never ceased to amaze me. I read scientific publications by colleagues with fascination and immense curiosity. I’m always excited to find out the results of our own experimental studies, wondering what new things we will discover.

Imagine a natural substance produced by your own body that thanks to the immune cells of the body‘s own defense system can successfully fend off cancers, conquer viral diseases, stop allergies, rejuvenate the immune system, eliminate papillovirus tumours, melt away excess pounds, make nicotine addiction vanish and much, much more that we currently at best can only surmise.

I founded Immunservice as a spinoff from the University of Hamburg and started in 2006 with the goal of producing enough of this immune hormone in top quality to be able to understand, broaden and add to all these fascinating research results.

Today, Immunservice provides you with Interleukin-2 in different variants to exactly meet your specific need. You can purchase it directly from us for your research and development or contact us if you want to implement diagnostic or pharmaceutical developments yourself or with us. We would be glad to support you. One hot topic is a GMP version of Interleukin-2 for production of cellular medicinal products (ATMP). Immunservice is interested in closing therapeutic gaps and realising untapped opportunities. Found in our team are pioneers of modern local immunotherapy with interleukin-2. Right now we are developing medicinal forms of interlelukin-2 for inhalation in patients with lung metastases to prevent suffocation from these tumours. Our work is based on the most experience worldwide in several hundred patients with the therapeutic use of aerosols, a therapy that I was the first to introduce in 1990 and have since continually optimized. We have treated papillomavirus tumours and see impressive results. Also in preparation is the use in patients of local instillation for bladder cancer.

Are you doing research with interleukin-2?

We would be glad to share experiences with you. Would you like to do research with interleukin-2? Talk to us; we will support you in any way we can! Immunservice has a small, highly specialized team that looks forward to hearing from you.


Edith Huland