New Investor for Immunservice GmbH

Immunservice completes a new financing round and gains the investor BPO Capital GmbH & Co. KG.

In Immunservice GmbH’s new financing round the current investors,  Prof. Dr. Michael Otto and the Hubertus Wald Stiftung, reinvested in the biotech company. Joining them now is BPO Capital GmbH & Co. KG – a venture capital holding founded by Benjamin Otto in order to support startup companies and   participate in new ideas. Prof. Dr. Edith Huland, founder and CEO of Immunservice GmbH, stressed: „We are delighted that with BPO Capital we were able to win the trust of another renowned investor. We will continue to focus on growth and expanding our portfolio with innovative products and are proud that our longstanding investors continue to be on board.”

Immunservice GmbH develops biological drugs that activate the body’s own immune system to eliminate cancerous and viral infections. Playing a key role in this immune defense is interleukin-2, an immune hormone that occurs naturally in the body and is essential for life. Immunservice produces interleukin-2 for drug development in an innovative form for special applications. Studies in patients have shown that interleukin-2 can cure serious diseases and it is therefore the basis for development of immunological drug products from Immunservice.  Immunservice focuses on kidney cancer and melanoma. Interleukin-2 has already been shown to be effective in and even to cure these diseases.  Immunservice specifically develops especially well tolerated therapies in order to preserve the patient’s quality of life during therapy and provide access to these innovative, potentially curative therapies.