VICTRESS Awards 2016 Nomination

VICTRESS Awards have been presented annually since 2005 to outstanding women who as impressive role models prove that success, leadership and femininity are compatible.

We are very pleased that Prof. Edith Huland – CEO of Immunservice GmbH – is one of the three finalists nominated for the VICTRESS SCIENCE Award 2016. Imagine a substance occurring naturally in our body – an immune hormone – that can cause immune cells to repel cancer, make it easier to overcome virus diseases, stop allergies, melt away excess pounds and much, much more. Edith Huland has been researching and developing this exciting field for years in Germany and abroad. Although she originally was not even supposed to receive her Abitur (academic high school diploma), she not only studied medicine but is a pediatrician, immunologist and cancer researcher. And when she was over 50 years old, she founded the Immunservice GmbH, where she works with a team of very ambitious women. She develops immune hormones based on biomimetic principles – in other words, inspired by nature – to formulate highly effective and well tolerated drug products. With “Pulmoleukin“ for the treatment of kidney cancer, whose marketing authorization is in preparation, she and her team are definitely on the right track. Edith Huland, the mother of two grown children, is married to the urologist Prof. Hartwig Huland and lives in Hamburg.