Immunservice Finalizes Work to Establish a Webshop

Immunservice has just finalized work to establish a Webshop offering specialty products primarily for use in functional diagnostics (cell proliferation, bioassay, interleukin-2 activity, etc.). An important benefit is that all products are developed even in a stress test and optimized in a labour-intensive process for special applications.

Offered for cell culture of special cells are complete, ready-to-use media with long-term stability and formulated specifically for growth of interleukin-2 dependent cells. There is a special ready-to-use CTLL-2 medium in which these fastidious cells absolutely thrive. This proliferation can be visualized in colour and measured using WST modified specifically for CTLL-2 cells.

“We offer thoroughly tested specialty products that scientists otherwise have to mix and test themselves in a time-consuming process. This is unique and saves researchers time and leaves more room for their actual research. And those wanting to completely outsource function and proliferation tests will find top quality support at our company,” commented Immunservice.

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